Bitcoin, not Blockchain conference.

2 days full of the best Bitcoin infotainment

Spearheads of The Money Badger 2019

  • Austrian economics / Digital sound money / Gold 2.0

  • Bitcoin coding / Lightning Network / Sidechains

  • Hardware / Software / DIY workshops

  • Opsec 2019 / Privacy / Fungibility

  • Badass keynote speakers for both days

Mr Money Badger doesn't care about:

  • KYC
  • Big Data
  • Central Banking
  • Shitcoins & ICO’s
  • Bogus economics
  • Your latest flavour of ponzi

Mr Money Badger takes what it wants:

  • Useful products and services
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Monetary Sovereignty
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Data security
  • Good times

Story of Mr. Money Badger

Here is the story of Mr. Money Badger. How he finds freedom and a friend and escapes the evil banksters.

Our mission statement

We want The Moneybadger 2019 to be a peer to peer educational event. To learn and teach everything we know about bitcoin, from economics to code base to supreme self defense tool for sovereignty.

We realise bitcoin is not only about the latest and greatest technology but first and foremost about free sovereign individuals. We are not building The Moneybadger 2019 for profits but for good times, because we can and we want.

The Moneybadger 2019 is another addition to the strong lineup of bitcoin tribe gatherings where we come to build and educate but most of all to have fun.

Would you join us in making it the most memorable bitcoin only event so far?
The Moneybadger 2019 team

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About the organizer

Moneybadger 2019 is organized by Konsensus Network, a hub for monetary rebels aiming to educate the general population on the wonders of the future money protocol, bitcoin.

Our main motivation is to network with the bitcoin family of builders, promotors and users alike to make sure our message will be heard loud and clear. For that, we need to have some fun. All the information is already there, on the internet for all to grab. What we need is to bring the people together and show the world we mean business.

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